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by Smushey

OH GOD IT'S SO AWESOME The epicness shown in this picture is orgasmic. It's like I'm watchin' it fly thru space. The technique used in ...


Harley Quinn (Blacklight SSJ3) by NeoMetalSonic360
Harley Quinn (Blacklight SSJ3)
The 200% full-psycho mutant Harley Quinn with the claw arm that I had made before, now a demented Super Saiyan 3 because why not.
Dear God, what is this thing I created... She's barely recognizable as Harley...
So now she's using her SSJ powers to make a Ki-based technique, and you get to name it!
Blacklight Harley by NeoMetalSonic360
Blacklight Harley
I never liked Harley being a loser.
Granted, she got Ivy's stuff and whatnot, but I always wanted to see her as an actual top-tier menace.
What if Harley Quinn had been infected with the Blacklight Virus?
What if she had a sick mad damaged coat, sharp teeth, was 200% more mental and twice as smart?

Bad idea, actually, but I did it anyways.
So I picked Harley and fused her with Alex Mercer (right arm), Nero (coat), William Birkin G1 (coat damage) and some random mutant wolf-thing (teeth).
Strangely this was inspired by Etotama. I'm not even sure how that happened.
Episode 10, for that matter.
Valkyrie Girl Miku - Combat Mode by NeoMetalSonic360
Valkyrie Girl Miku - Combat Mode
This is the combat-ready Miku Hatsune using the full VF-1J gear.

A thing to behold is her own large, custom-built gunpod designed specifically for her.
This special eight-barreled unique weapon is different from the three-barreled standard issue GU-11 gunpod because it is larger and far longer, uses custom ammunition and has an underbarrel "bayonet" of sorts, all that coupled with the aforementioned eight barrels and an entirely different engine, allowing it to fire much faster that the GU-11.
The VF-1J gear is the only reason she is capable of using such a monster weapon, as it's strength enhancement allows her to suppress the recoil by a great deal.
Don't even thing about firing this without a VF-1, though.
Valkyrie Girl Miku by NeoMetalSonic360
Valkyrie Girl Miku
I saw many "Valkyrie Girls", human versions of the many Veritech fighters from the Macross franchise.
I also had in my mind, and for quite a while, the idea of human-scale Veritech suit, not like an armor but more like a mechanic enhancement of regular human capacity, enhacing speed, strength, allowing flight...
It also made me think of Alisa's rocket-boosted kick from the Tekken movie.
Not to mention F.A.S.T. Packs, Strike Packs and Armor Packs... Even better!

So I made this. This is Miku Hatsune, in some alternate costume or something (called "Append", apparently) which I saw fitting for this purpose.
I then photoshopped many parts and this came up. I would have also added the F.A.S.T. Pack if I had access to any 3D models with it.

This is Miku, the first tester of the VF-1J Combat Enhancement System, and the very first member of the Valkyrie Program.
Here she is without the combat helmet and GU-29 Special Gunpod.

3D assets used (not counting decals and such):

Miku Hatsune Append:…

Devil May Cry 4 Weapons (I used Lady's rocket launcher for the gunpod)…


The barrels of the gunpod belong to the gatling gun that Nemesis uses in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.
I like fusing together models and stuff to make a 3D remake of a character.
So, this is my list of things I'm going to do:

-Brad Fang (Contra: Hard Corps) Done!
-Some custom veritech fighter (Macross series) Done!
-Maku + Dan(Intrusion 2) Done!
-Intrusion Guy (Intrusion 2 version) Done!
-Vriska Serket (Homestuck) In progress...
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